Business is changing, and one of the most important changes is how customers find products and services. Where before people would learn about local business from billboards, phone books, and other physical markers, this is no longer the case. If a young person is looking for a product or service in their area, the first thing they will do is put it into Google and see what shows up.

Evolve or Die

evolve or die without search engine optimizationSome business owners think that this is a bad thing for their business and do nothing about it. However, for the savvy advertiser, search engines are the biggest new way to get thousands of new customers that would have been impossible to attract through traditional advertising! The key is SEO.

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the process of improving your ranking on searches that are related to your business. This is achieved by tweaking your website to be easier to parse by search engine bots that categorize web content. It sounds complicated, but luckily there are many ways to learn how you can harness this phenomenon and see an explosion in popularity.

Target Your Local Area Online

One of the most important things to do in SEO is to target your website to people who will buy your products. If your business is local to Phoenix, it may seem like the internet is less of a big deal, but this is actually a big advantage. The fact that you only need to target people in a small area means that your competition for the top spot will be much narrower.

By targeting your website to people searching from Phoenix, Arizona, you can focus on the people most likely to visit your business. For example, if you run an auto shop, you can optimize your website to rank highly in searches from Phoenix for mechanic, car repair, fix car, and other keywords that relate strongly to your business. If you are the only auto repair shop utilizing SEO techniques in Phoenix, you will have an uncontested top spot in the results!

Free Advertising

Getting to the number one search result for a search related to your business is free advertising, plain and simple. Thousands of people will be searching for a repair shop on their smart phones, and if you are the number one result, they will call you first. It does not matter if they have never seen a billboard or found you in the phone book; just being the top result on Google means that you become their first choice.

This is the power of SEO. With just a few simple website tweaks, you can transform your business from a nobody into a highly visible result on major search engines, driving thousands of new customers right to your door. There is no monthly fee, no risk, and no downside, just free advertising. If you run a business in Phoenix, SEO should be your top priority as far as advertising budget goes. Learn more today about how you can use SEO to save your business.

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