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Boarding Your Best Friend: Tips from a Dog Boarding Las Vegas Expert

If you are living in Phoenix AZ and own pets and you also travel, time can come when you will have to board your pet when you are on vacation. There are many excellent facilities for boarding your best friend, but you have to do your research before leaving him or her behind.

Talk to your friends or vet to get a recommendation

Any boarding kennel you decide on must provide a safe, comfortable location for your pet to be when you are gone. You may ask friends along with your veterinarian for tips for boarding facilities in and around Phoenix.

Once you have the names of various possibilities, contact them and ask them the questions you have. You could start by asking what sorts of kennel facilities they have got. Always ask for a tour with their facility and look so that the space is neat, clean, and free of odors. Ask them if their company has received any awards for boarding.

Check out the dog boarding facility staff

Be aware of how dog boarding personnel interact with the dogs. Ensure you can find kennel runs where dogs are allowed out for exercise and outside air. Even when your pet is crate-trained, it really is a bad idea to go out of them where there is not any location to run and acquire exercise. This is especially important when your dog is older and contains arthritis or joint problems.

To make sure your pet will have a location to run, review upscale dog boarding kennels. These facilities usually have better kennel runs and boarding areas. You may even review a cat hotel where your pet may have their own room, bed and toys.

Ask the facility how frequently they walk the dogs or allow them to out. When your dog is commonly used to going outside only one or two times a day, this kind of facility could be fine. If, on the flip side, your pet is commonly used to more exercise, then you definitely would like a boarding facility where they walk the dogs or allow them to out at least 3 times a day.

It is also nice when your dog may have a little bit of open space to operate. If you find not, then be sure that your dog will probably be allowed an effective, long walk instead of just being allowed outside for a couple of minutes at a time. Again, upscale boarding kennels are more inclined to acquire more space for your dog and employees who spend some time walking them.

Find out what the kennel will feed your dog

Another crucial consideration is really what the boarding facility will feed your pet. Boarding can be quite stressful with a dog and any alteration of diet can also add that stress. When your dog is fed something they are not utilized to, they may become ill, even vomit or have diarrhea. The easiest way to prevent your dog from getting sick is usually to bring their food from your own home and ask the kennel employees to feed them their own personal food.

You might want to ask when there is another fee for feeding your personal food, but there typically isn’t. Make certain the kennel employees understand that is vital your dog be fed with a regular schedule as well as eat her regular food. Your dog might not eat the food from the kennel, so you might like to take along some snacks to help her want to eat the food or make it even more inviting. When your dog has special diet requirements, ensure you clearly explain these to the kennel personnel.

Ask about play time with other dogs

Ask the kennel or boarding facility when your dog will probably be let out to interact with other dogs. This is usually a great thing when your dog is well socialized, if your dog does not like other dogs, then a kennel personnel have to know that, too. Remember that even dogs who typically like other dogs could get over-stimulated in a boarding environment. When your dog is capable to interact with other dogs, be sure the play is monitored and therefore just a few dogs play together at a time.

Once you find the dog boarding facility you enjoy, book a reservation as quickly as possible. Bring your dog’s food and make a note of any special requirements. Be sure you are okay with whatever you bring being lost or damaged. Do your homework and you may find a great boarding facility in Phoenix where your pet will probably be happy and safe when you are on vacation.

Featured photo used for this article is courtesy of Las Vegas dog resort.