How to choose an orthodontist in Phoenix

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, or in the neighboring community and you’re searching for an orthodontist for your kids, how do you choose the best orthodontist? Well, to help you choose the right orthodontist, here are some basic factors to consider as you begin your search.

Get a Referral

The most obvious and easiest way to find an orthodontist is to ask your family, current friends, colleagues and neighbors. The reason why you should get recommendations from these people is that they’ll be far more honest with you and will share their own experiences with the orthodontist in question. Not only that but they’ll know which specialist will work best with your child’s needs and personality.

Carry out your own background check. Ensure that the orthodontist you’re considering has the right certification, education and degrees. Be sure to contact the American Board of Orthodontics as well as the American Association of Orthodontics to check the qualifications of the orthodontist.

Check With Your Insurance

Consult your insurance provider. Some insurers have strict guidelines when it comes to hiring an orthodontist. They’ll allow you to work with some but not others. Make sure you hire an orthodontist that’s associated with your insurance company. You don’t want to hire someone and discover that your insurer won’t cover your treatment. Orthodontists are way too expensive to overlook this precaution as you search.

Orthodontist Office

Meet With the Orthodontist

Before you finally choose someone, ask for a meeting or consultation. Most orthodontists are willing to meet you free of charge to discuss your needs. The first meeting is a perfect opportunity to learn about new orthodontic approaches and your prospective orthodontist’s opinion about them. You can determine whether the orthodontist will be a good fit for your needs. You can also take advantage of the appointment to check out the orthodontic practice-see how friendly and helpful the staff can be, how inviting the environment can be, if there is any state-of-the-art equipment, and so on.

Ask Questions!

Most importantly, don’t ever be afraid of asking questions. Ask each and every question you have in your mind, even if it seems insignificant. You need to find out whether your orthodontist can help you get the answers to your questions as well as whether the orthodontist will be willing to answer his or her patients’ questions.


Finding a good orthodontist used to be fairly easy: your general dentist simply gave you one or two referrals. But nowadays, with the wide range of straightening procedures out there, and with so many non-specialists providing orthodontic services, the options can be confusing. Follow the above guidelines to find a good orthodontist in Phoenix, AZ.

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